Costof.live developed in order to see the cost of living data in a more meaningful way and to contribute easily by two passionate makers. While examining many sources in the development process, we tried to decide which of the data we obtained was more important.

The two biggest problems we had while researching the cost of living data in line with our own needs were; to continue to look at the pages with all these data and to ensure the accuracy of the figures.

After we realized the results, decided to make a fresh cost of living website which has community-powered insights.

What can I do here?

Do you think about moving another city or country? Trying to make a decision to do it or not? Interested in a low-cost lifestyle or living extremely well? You can start with these costof.live numbers.

You can reach and compare the cost of living figures in many cities around the world.

If you think the prices are correct, you can confirm or see how many people have approved it. If it's not, you can add a new price.

Product Roadmap

  • Similar city suggestions
  • Contributor profile
  • Explore as a Tourist or Nomad (Average Hotel/Airbnb prices, Museum Pass, Daily/Weekly Transportation Pass, GSM Operator Prices, etc.)


We started to show the prices in costof.live through the data we collect from the following sites. However, as new numbers can be added, changes will occur over time.