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12 Best Digital Nomad Visa Options in 2023

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The concept of ditching home offices for sunny cafes, verdant parks, and a plethora of cultural offerings are gaining traction as more people ditch their daily commutes and droopy office plants in favor of working remotely.

Digital nomads, individuals who travel the globe while working digitally, have increased in response to the growing demand for freedom inside the workplace. In light of this, Cost of Live has compiled a list of the top cities and countries for remote workers.

An increasing interest in nomadic existence prompted the gathering and analysis of this information. In keeping with the spirit of digital nomadism, we prioritized tranquil natural settings over hectic urban areas, relieving stress and freeing employees to see the globe.

Benefits of Digital Nomad Visa

  • As a result of the fact that digital nomad visas are generally intended to be straightforward to get for individuals who meet the requirements, it is sometimes simpler to apply for the digital nomad visa than for other sorts of resident visas.
  • Most visiting visas are only valid for between one and three months. However, a digital nomad visa may be valid for up to a year. This puts the advantages of the digital nomad visa above those of a visitor visa. The validity durations for digital nomad visas range from 6 months to 2 years or even longer.
  • Obtaining a digital nomad visa might also assist you in avoiding tax issues that arise from working while you travel. Taxes on international trade may quickly become complex. You won't have to be concerned about it if you have a digital nomad visa.


Requirements for application for Digital Nomad Visa

These are often required documents for an application for a visa to work as a digital nomad.

  • Passport
  • Additional 1-3 photographs for your passport
  • Evidence of the source of the funds
  • Savings record as evidence (bank account statements)
  • A policy or any other kind of evidence that one is covered by health insurance
  • So each digital nomad visa seems distinct. As some, you might have to give additional info. In addition, the evidence of your savings and income must be appropriate for the visa in question.

Apply at least 3 to 4 months in advance of the time you plan to go. Engaging with a professional specializing in visas, translation, or legal matters may be more straightforward when traveling to some locations.

12 Best Digital Nomad Visa Options

Portugal D7 Visa

Digital nomads will find that Portugal is the country of their dreams, thanks to its climate, culture, and cost of living. Portugal has not issued a particular digital nomad visa yet. The D7 visa is Portugal's visa for retirees and others living on fixed incomes, and many digital nomads apply for it. The visa criteria might be satisfied by showing proof of income from abroad. With this visa, you get permission to remain in the country for a whole year. You also can extend your visa for an additional two years, and after five years, you may apply for permanent residency. The cost of living in Portugal is around USD1500.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal here.

Germany Freelance Visa (D-Visa)

Germany does not have a particular digital nomad visa yet however the Freelance visa in Germany offers those who want to live and work remotely in the country the possibility to do so. This visa is initially valid for three months. However, that time may be extended to a maximum of three years. To apply, it is preferable if you are a genuine freelancer who works with several different customers. You will also be held accountable for some tax obligations in Germany. The cost of living in Germany is around USD1900.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Germany here.

The city of Dubai Remote Work Visa

The city of Dubai is the most populous in all of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is well known among digital nomads and foreign employees as a central meeting place. The city of Dubai is known for its hectic lifestyle, high-end accommodations, and opportunities to connect with people worldwide. You will have no trouble obtaining this if you apply for the Remote Work Visa category in the UAE. The cost of living in Dubai is around USD3000.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Dubai here.

Singapore Personalised Employment Pass

Singapore, which came in third place in our analysis, is a nation that will provide those who work there with an experience that is one of a kind. In addition to being regarded as one of the world's IT centers. Singapore is also famous for its thriving green areas, such as the modern Gardens by the Bay, which demonstrate the island's genuine love for the splendor of nature. The cost of living in Singapore is around USD3300.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Singapore here.

Maldives Visa

The Maldives is one of the greatest nations for digital nomads to live in. It is a refuge for those who like experiencing and being surrounded by exquisite natural beauty. The Maldives may be best known worldwide for its pristine white beaches, crystal clear oceans, and towering palm palms; nevertheless, the country also provides its growing population with more than simply stunning natural settings.

Those who come to the island to engage in virtual labor will find themselves spoilt for choice with the abundance of exciting activities available. The Maldives provides lots of options for those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These include snorkeling with tropical fish, sea turtles, and manta rays, as well as clear bottom kayaking, which provides vistas of the ocean floor. The cost of living in the Maldives is around USD2100.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in the Maldives here.

Thailand Smart Visa

When working as a digital nomad, Thailand is another essential place globally. Over the last several years, the island in southeast Asia has successfully shed its image as a party island. It is now gaining a reputation as a haven for digital nomads.

Thailand has transformed into a destination where tourists can relax and take in the tranquility of the island, departing with minds just as unclouded as the azure seas. Those interested in leading a life as digital nomads may find that taking advantage of the ease with which they may travel to other areas of the continent by working during their time in Thailand.

Flights to neighbors such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Cambodia are reasonably inexpensive and fast when departing from Thailand. These four nations are all listed in the top fifteen countries in the world for digital nomads. They provide many chances for individuals to broaden their travels to other nations. Those who did so would be rewarded with vast landscapes that offered various relaxing activities to participate in, such as hiking in the mountains, swimming, and seeing exotic creatures in their natural habitats. The cost of living in Thailand is around USD1000.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Thailand here.

Sri Lanka ETA Visa

Our research led us to believe that Sri Lanka is the second-best nation in the world for digital nomads to visit. It is easy to understand why working remotely in Sri Lanka is such a rewarding experience because of the country's cheap cost of living and its stunning working environment, including lush green mountains, coral reefs, and fluffy beaches.

Guests may expect temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius on average while also having access to various attractions and places of interest. The cost of living in Sri Lanka is around USD350.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Sri Lanka here.

Cambodia E-Visa

According to our research findings, Cambodia is the third-best nation in the world for digital nomads. Cambodia allows business travelers to lose themselves inside a fantastic world thanks to the country's historical temples and buildings that are known all over the globe for their architectural brilliance.

The cheap cost of living in this nation is another factor that contributes to its attraction; as a result, tourists may take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities available on this island without having to spend all of their money. The cost of living in Cambodia is around USD1200.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Cambodia here.

Panama Digital Nomad Visa

The digital nomad visa offered by Panama permits a stay of up to nine months, which may be extended for an additional nine months. The visa price and the minimum required monthly income are both on the lower end, and if you acquire this visa, you'll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of expat-friendly Panama while you're there. The cost of living in Panama is around USD2000.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Panama here.

Mexico Digital Nomad Visa

There is a unique opportunity for digital nomads with a passion for Mexico. You can live and work independently/remotely in Mexico for up to 4 years if you have a non-lucrative or temporary residence visa issued by Mexico. The cost of living in Mexico is around USD1000.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Mexico here.

Estonia Digital Nomad Visa

This visa is one of a kind; it is a visa that has been designed with digital nomads in mind mainly. The Digital Nomad Visa of Estonia was introduced in mid of 2020, enabling digital nomads to enter and remain in the developing nation of Estonia for twelve months. Estonia is among the most advanced countries in terms of its digital infrastructure. They already have an innovative initiative called e-residency that allows individuals to start and manage an online company with an EU-based address from anywhere around the globe. The next logical step for this highly digital nation, issuing a visa for digital nomads, makes perfect sense. The cost of living in Estonia is around USD1550. 

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Estonia here.

Australia Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa for Australia is a fantastic long-term visa that enables its users to remain in the country for up to a year. To be eligible for this visa, however, you must fall within the age range of 18 to 30. This visa may be extended to a "Second Working Holiday Visa" for a second year, provided you complete three months of required work in the nation, which is often some agricultural labor in rural Australia. If you do this, you will be eligible for a second year of the "Second Working Holiday Visa." If digital nomads can get by using an e600 Visitor Visa, an extended stay visa that may also allow you to remain for up to 12 months, then the delineation between the two becomes murky. In Melbourne and Sydney, there is an abundance of coworking spaces where digital nomads can connect. The cost of living in Australia is around USD2500.

You can apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Australia here.

Future of Digital Nomad Visa Options

The years 2023 and beyond will see an increase in the number of nations that provide visas specifically for digital nomads. Georgia, Croatia, the Czech Republic (Czech Republic), Czechia (Czech Republic), Italy, Germany, Norway, and Estonia are some of these nations. Keep an eye on your preferred location since that country could soon be added to the list of nations that provide visas for digital nomads.

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