Cost of Living in Singapore

Singapore is a vibrant and modern city-state located in Southeast Asia. Known for its efficiency and cultural diversity, Singapore offers a high quality of life for those who choose to live there. With its warm climate, strong economy, and excellent education and healthcare systems, Singapore is an attractive destination for expats and professionals looking to advance their careers. The city is also home to various recreational activities and attractions, making it a great place to live for families and individuals alike. Overall, living in Singapore is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Population 5.9M
Capital Singapore
Median Age 42 🧑
Average Weather is 27.6°C ☀️
⚡️ Fast internet with 255 Mbps
Air Quality is Good 🌿
44 hours work per week 👷‍♂️
Safe 👍
$3,413 / Monthly
Did you know?
The country is known for its strict laws, including a ban on chewing gum and a zero-tolerance policy for drug use.