Frequently Asked Questions

What does the color indicators mean?

There are simply three types of color indicators and it visualizing the monthly cost living;

  • Green means, the city is affordable to live in.
  • Orange means, the city is moderately to live in.
  • Red means, the city is expensive to live in.

How do you calculate the monthly cost of living?

We're calculating the monthly cost of living by summing the averages of these categories

  • House Rent (1 Bedroom in the city center)
  • Markets
  • Restaurants
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Cinema

How do I calculate my monthly cost of living?

We're planning to launch a tool to allow you to calculate your own monthly cost of living by specific amounts of specific categories. 

You can signup from here to get notified when it's launched.

How can I contribute to prices?

You can basically signup to and start contributing to prices by approving or adding a new one. And you can see how many contributors approved the price.

By approving or adding a new price you will help other people to get more accurate insights from your city.

Every new price should be in the local currency of the city.

How do I compare the cost of living in cities?

We have a powerful and simple cost of living comparison tool and trying to improve. You can go to the Cost of Living Comparison page and compare the cost of living, average monthly salary and the other prices in both cities.

Green represents lower prices and red represents higher prices. You can quickly see price differences.

Or you can explore what other people are comparing from the Latest Comparisons section.

How accurate are the prices?

The cost of living in a city is varied according to the person. We're calculating the cost of living of one person with median expenses (Explained above). If you think there is a wrong calculation or price, your contributions to improve prices are welcome.

Before you decide something serious according to these prices. We're recommending to double-check the data.